Our Machines

Big Blue

HPC LS6090 90w – Bigger Red

The LS6090 is our most used laser machine due to its high power wattage laser tube and large bed size. It is a versatile all-rounder supplied with a 2inch focusing lens ideal for those cutting and engraving with precision at fast speeds. With a bed-size of 90x60cm it can easily cut large and bulky items.

The LS6090 It is able to cut acrylic, plywood, MDF, Fabrics, rubber plus many more materials and can engrave slate, glass, marble and also chemically etch metals with the aid of Cermark.

Special features include drop down front and rear panels to allow larger objects to be lasered and passed through the machine, and a drop-down Y-axis enabling a depth of up-to 280mm.

Manufacturer: LaserScript
Wattage: 90w
Bed-Size: 90cm x 60cm
Depth: 280mm

Big Blue

HPC LS6090 60w – Big Red

The LS6090 is our most used laser machine due to its high power wattage laser tube and large bed size – so good – we got two!

Manufacturer: LaserScript
Wattage: 60w
Bed-Size: 90cm x 60cm
Depth: 280mm

Redsail X700

Redsail X700 45w – Red Dwarf

The Redsail X700 is our newest machine – added to compliment the LS6090 while adding more versatility to our capabilities. With a bed-size of 70x50cm and a honeycomb bed it excels in the smaller, more intricate jobs. The 18mm focus lens combined with the lower wattage 45w laser power enables incredibly accurate engraving and intricate cutting.

The X700 is able to cut all the same materials as the LS6090, however where it excels is in the thinner materials such as paper, card, leather, thinner acrylic, and mylar. The honeycomb bed offers unrivalled support to the material keeping it at the perfect focal lens – resulting in incredible detail that most machines would struggle to achieve.

Manufacturer: Redsail Laser
Wattage: 45w
Bed-Size: 70cm x 50cm
Depth: 160mm

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